J9 Dance

Dance, fitness and theatrical arts in Acklam Middlesbrough


Beginners can wear leggings and a T Shirt for the first few weeks.

The correct uniform can be obtained from    

'The Dressing Room Shop'  

along with all dance shoes and accessories 

Please call in and browse our stock.



Ballet: Purple sleeveless leotard and separate purple en basque skirt.  Pink socks with pink satin ballet shoes. Pink ballet tights for older Levels. A purple headband.                           

Tap: Purple sleeveless leotard and separate purple en basque skirt. White socks and Silver tap shoes for Primary One & Two. Black tap shoes for Levels. Purple Leggings from Level Two. A purple headband.                                                                                From Level Four: Black cotton leotard with black cotton leggings

Modern Jazz: Purple sleeveless leotard. Purple Shorts  for Primary One & Two.   Purple Leggings for Levels.  White socks and Black leather modern shoes. A purple headband.                  From Level Four: Black cotton leotard with black cotton leggings 

Cheer Dance: Purple sleeveless leotard.  Purple Lycra Skirt.  J9Dance T-shirt.   White socks.  Black Modern shoes or Dance Sneakers

Street Dance: J9 Dance T-shirt Black leggings, Black dance socks, Dance Sneakers 

Acro-Stretch: Purple leotard and shorts or leggings


Also available:

J9 Dance Bags - to keep all your dance shoes in and to sew your examination badges onto.

Lilac Crossover Cardigan - for warmth before and during class. 

Cotton Wrap - for older Levels         

Pompoms - Sold in pairs one White & one Black

How to do a Ballet Bun

1. To start the process, wet your hands and the hair with water. This will give you better control over the hair. Gather the hair and pull it back. Apply hair gel if you need more control over the hair.

2. Use a hair brush to smooth out rough or uneven areas. Form a pony tail by brushing the hair up from the jaw line to the top part of the back of the head. The placement of the pony tail determines the placement of the bun. The pony tail may be easier to manage if platted.

3. Coil the pony tail or plat into a tight circle. Use hair pins all around the coil to secure it to the rest of the hair. Slide each pin through the outer part of the coil, then into the base of the bun.

4. Wrap a fine hair net around the bun. Keep twisting and wrapping so that the hair net tightly secures the bun. Add a few more pins.

5. For extra hold, when the bun and hair are all secure, use hairspray.